About the Contest

Creating A Compelling Nomination

Riders love to travel, that is no secret. Whether to a day event like Port Dover or a rally like the 5 day Wharf Rat Rally, riders will travel many hours, if not days to attend an event.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to provide the rider with the kinds of infomarion they seek.

Things to consider:

Does your community host a motorcycle event?


Show 'n' Shine

Poker/Dice/Toy Run

Rally (a multi faceted event gegnerally 2 days in length and longer)

Is your community located on good roadways?

What kind of road surface?

Are the road(s) to your community twisty and curvy or flat and straight? How would you describe them?

What kind of scenery does the ride to your community offer?

Does your community have interesting historical ties to the motorcycle community?

Perhaps it is the birth place of a Canadian Motorcycle Icon or it is home to a great raceway for motorcycles. 

What tourism offerings does your community have?

Perhaps it is a great roadside attraction, incredible scenery, museums, festivals that are not motorcycle specific, wonderful golfing, swimming, fishing. Motorcyclists enjoy a wide variety of activities and cultural attractions. Whatever your offering is, PROMOTE IT!

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