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Canada’s Most Rider Friendly Community – the Contest 

A rural tourism marketing initiative whose goal is to create awareness of the wonderful businesses and communities that are there for riders to explore. Large cities are not as inviting for motorcyclists. With the advent of texting and driving along with motorcycle only noise bylaws, many riders prefer to get out on the open road and away from the majority of the dangers that cities present. Motorcyclists also face certain barriers when it comes to customer service in the travel and tourism industry.

The Contest Goals

1To increase awareness of the riding community as a viable rural tourism market and income stream

2To increase the variety and quality of tourism offerings for the motorcyclist

3Increase the number of businesses participating in the Rider Friendly Business Association and it’s Community Phone & Touring Book & The Road Trip Rewards Program

4To increase the visibility of rural Canada as a motorcycle destination to international visitors

5To increase awareness of the communities and small businesses that want to work with riders

6To create a sense of pride for where we live as riders and to showcase our communities and their history to other riders

7To increase the visibility of our sponsors

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