2016 Community Nominations

Canada's Most Rider Friendly Community Contest

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Cape Breton, NS - 1st Nomination

Written by Kerry MacLellan

Cape Breton Bike Rally logoFrom nearly cancelled to USA Today's Top Ride in North America!



Cape Breton showed its true spirit when their bike rally was slated to be cancelled. The tremendous uproar from not only bikers, but from the entire island was deafening. Community leaders, bike clubs, and volunteers came together in an unprecedented show of solidarity to save their beloved rally. 

With the worldwide media coverage, the newly named Cape Breton Bike Rally was pegged by USA Today as the top ride in all of North America, and Cape Breton certainly lived up to its name. In its first year, nearly every venue, event, insurance, staff, printing etc was donated by the community. In its 3rd year, local Aboriginal community Membertou extended their hand and offered to host as the main venue - to great success.

The Cape Breton Bike Rally has also partnered with The Fortress of Louisbourg in hosting 'Storm the Fortress' - an event where bikers can ride into the world's largest 18th century fortress, over cobblestone and through rows of cannons and period actors!
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cape breton2
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- Nominated by Kerry MacLellan





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