2016 Community Nominations

Canada's Most Rider Friendly Community Contest

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North Cowichan, BC - 1st Nomination

Written by James Haas

BC tireMy nomination is for North Cowichan.



  North Cowichan has it all.  The weather here is the most attractive feature of our area.  We have an 11 month riding season here.  To go with that long riding season are the motorcycle friendly roads and the fabulous scenery.  Our island and primarily our valley has some of the best riding roads in Canada.  The twists, turns and banked roads add a true feeling of the freedom of riding.  Maintenance of the roads is top notch.  We live in a temperate zone that allows for both ever green and seasonal trees.  Nature can be seen everywhere, you don't have to leave the saddle.  In the urban centers you find a combination of new and old sites to see and explore.  There is lots of nature to see and explore throughout the area.  From fresh water fishing to picnics in an open field, you can do almost anything that comes to mind.  There are many eateries along the roads and highways that serve great food and are a nice rest on a long ride.  Many of our roads have signage reminding vehicle drivers to specifically watch for motorcycles on the road.  
What makes me most proud is the fact that North Cowichan and the riders who live here are part of the motorcycle riding community of Vancouver Island.  We have many many rides that support many worthwhile causes/agencies.  From all of the toy runs over Christmas to the support for prostrate cancer and all the rides in between.  Never a bike nor rider is left behind.  All bikers in North Cowichan and the Island are friendly and wave as they pass on the roadways.  That friendly atmosphere makes for group rides of many different kinds of bikes.  
Come to North Cowichan and see what I mean.


- Nominated by James Haas



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