2016 Community Nominations

Canada's Most Rider Friendly Community Contest

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Drumheller, AB - 11th Nomination

Written by Marley Henneigh

DrumhellerRoadDrumheller is not just a rider-friendly community but a rider destination




A trip through the winding roads of the Drumheller valley allows fantastic views some of the most unique scenery in Canada, which varies from grain elevators to river banks, randomly placed dinosaurs and the odd coal mining artifact, the Badlands and the hoodoos. The Bleriot ferry is a popular “ride” (all 5 minutes of it!) and the drive across the 11 Bridges to Wayne is an experience in itself. The semi-arid temperatures in the valley are great for riders as well. Many local businesses cater to riders also, with “Riders Welcome” signage, reserved parking for riders and names such as “Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear” and “Badlands Choppers”.


Some great rider events happen annually in the Drumheller valley. In 2016, the Ride for Brandon was held by Top Rocker to raise funds for Brandon Hall, a young man battling cancer. The ride was extremely successful raising $20,000 for the Hall family. On International Female Ride Day, a group of 110 ladies from Calgary and Red Deer choose Rosedale as their riding destination this year and Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear hosted lunch for them.  The 12 stop Ride for the Fresh Start Recovery came through in Drumheller in August. During that trip the group had their lunch at Horseshoe Canyon, then stopped at Top Rocker, the Last Chance Saloon in the nearby “ghost town” of Wayne and next went to the World’s Largest Dinosaur before heading back to Calgary.  Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear is the stop and start for the Cannonball Ride, both spring and fall runs. The Last Chance Saloon hosts Motorcycle Madness each July as well.

Last Chance Wayne

Drumheller has a lot of landmarks and attractions for riders; as mentioned some local businesses cater to riders or are “geared for riders” (Top Rocker’s slogan) and the valley is also home to the world-famous Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, along with the East Coulee School Museum, the Atlas Coal Mine, (home to Canada’s last standing wooden tipple!) the Homestead Museum, the Badlands Historical Centre and- as of spring 2017- the Trekcetera Museum. Interesting landmarks for riders and tourists alike include Horseshoe Canyon, Horsethief Canyon, the 11 Bridges to Wayne, the Rosedale Suspension Bridge, and the World’s Largest Dinosaur, among others.  Finally, Drumheller has many great accommodations for riders, including campgrounds with cabins which provide the items you can’t easily fit on your bike!


- Nominated by Marley Henneigh



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